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Cortez Watch Buyers San Diego buys all luxury watch brands. With 6 local San Diego watch buyer locations to serve you, you can:

Sell Rolex watch in San Diego

Sell Omega watch in San Diego

Sell Patek Philippe watch in San Diego

Sell Chopard watch in San Diego

We buy all luxury watch brands and fine timepieces. If the model you are selling is not listed above, please contact us with your watch information for a fast cash for watch San Diego quote.


Bring your watch in and get paid today.

Selling watch in San Diego is easy. Just bring it in, we’ll evaluate it and give you a cash quote and get you paid on the spot.

When selling watch in San Diego, these tips may help you get more for your watch:

1) Get your watch documents, box, papers and any receipts and extra links together and bring them all in. (if you only have the watch and no other papers just bring the watch).

Cortez Watch Buyers San Diego - Sell Watches in San Diego


2) Go to professional San Diego watch buyers. Not all watch buyers in San Diego are familiar with all watch types. Cortez watch buyers has 6 San Diego watch dealer locations to serve you. We have professional watch buyers at all of our locations which means your watch will be properly evaluated and priced out.

3) Don’t do any repairs to your watch if it needs repair or service. Generally, San Diego watch buyers have wholesale relationships with authorized factory watch repair shops that use original parts and are authorized to do watch repairs on Rolex, Patek, Chopard and other luxury watch brands. Because of the wholesale relationship, the price for the repairs is wholesale whereas you would pay retail for any watch repairs. This way you get to keep more money for your watch.

4) Always shop around and get various quotes on your watch. You will see some places pay more for a watch if they have the right type of clientele for that watch so that they can retail it for more.

5) Be careful if you list your watch online such as on craigslist. We have heard stories of people grabbing the watch and running away, even in busy places like the shopping mall. If you sell online try to meet at a bank with security cameras and security guards, after all you are taking your valuable assets to someone you know nothing about and criminals pray on craiglist and other online sites where unsuspecting people themselves bring valuable watches to them, it doesn’t get easier than that for a criminal. We have also heard horror stories with people attempting to sell diamonds on craigslist. At the end of the day you want to make sure you are safe and the transaction is monitored.

6) You can also try to sell your watch on eBay or other online sites. Generally with eBay the reputation of the buyer is very important. It is important that they have done a lot of transactions with a very high satisfaction rate for similarly priced items. Still with eBay be careful as people can send your watch back, remove the movement and claim the inside was not a Rolex or something. So always take pictures of the movement and any particulars for your watch before selling. We have also heard stories of people sending a fake or even a different watch back and claim that is what they received from the post office. So read the eBay and other website protection policies very closely and adhere to them and call them and ask them about these scenarios ahead of time. eBay is a good proven market place but there is still fraud that takes place on the site. The best protection against any online fraud is to read and follow all eBay money back guarantee policies, put clear pictures of your watch inside and out and don’t sell to people with low rankings or countries that you don’t trust.

7) As assurance for our customer and in compliance with state and federal laws, as watch buyers in San Diego we are licensed pawnbroker/secondhand dealers, licensed by California State and the Department of Justice, authorized to buy the watch you are selling in San Diego and all of California. When selling watch in San Diego it is important to deal with licensed San Diego watch dealers.

8) As San Diego watch buyers we are also insured and bonded.

9) Our watch buyers San Diego staff is friendly, respectful and discreet. All transactions are private and transacted in full confidence.

10) Finally, what you need to know is that we have done transactions with thousands of satisfied customers and hope to do business with you too, as early as today!

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