Watch Buyers San Diego

Watch Buyers San Diego has 6 locations to serve you.



Cortez Watch Buyers San Diego has 6 professional San Diego watch buyer locations to serve you.

Our expert San Diego watch buyers will quickly evaluate your watch and give you a free cash for watch quote.

Sell your watch same day, within minutes of our free evaluation.

San Diego Watch Buyers Locations:

Watch Buyers Downtown San Diego (on 6th Ave.)

Watch Buyers La Mesa (on Jackson Dr., across from Toys R Us, Ross’s & Walmart)

Watch Buyers El Cajon (on Mollison)

Watch Buyers Clairemont (on Balboa Ave.)

Watch Buyers La Jolla (on Girard Ave.)

Watch Buyers Chula Vista (on 3rd Ave. in Downtown Chula Vista)

Our San Diego watch stores are located near you. For your convenience we have professional San Diego watch buyers that are experienced in evaluating your watch at our locations so you can get a fast cash for watch quote and then sell watch in San Diego on the spot.

Our watch dealers can get wholesale pricing on parts and repairs for watches so you don’t need to spend a lot of money to clean, service and repair your luxury watches.

Cortez Watch buyer San Diego has relationships with watch manufacturers and gets parts at discounted prices.

Our San Diego watch dealers also have relationships with factor authorized repair facilities to work on watches that we restore at reduced prices. Do not waste your money paying retail prices for watch servie and watch repair in San Diego. Whether your watch is working or not, whether it has scratches or not or whether it was serviced or not, bring it down to us and save money.

Our San Diego watch buyers will provide you with a quote usually very quickly and get you paid in cash for watches in San Diego.

Click here to contact us today or just stop by at any of our 6 San Diego watch buyer locations, no appointment necessary.