Used Rolex Watch Prices – How to find out the price of my used Rolex?

Used Rolex watches are in high demand. Find out what your used Rolex watch is worth and get more money when selling your used Rolex.

It Takes Time To Hand-Make a Rolex Watch

It takes time to make a Rolex watch. Many parts are made by hand and according to the Rolex website it can take years to make one Rolex watch.

Rolex is a Long Established Luxury Brand in High Demand

Since Rolex is a long established brand name which signifies quality workmanship and materials, as well as beautiful and timeless designs combined with accurate timekeeping, it is no wonder that is has become such a popular watch model.

Rolex Can Only Make So Many Watches Per Year

Since Rolex only makes so many watches per year, and new watches are generally more expensive than used watches (usually, however, in case of rare or popular models, used watches can go for even more than new, more on this below), more and more people are opting for used Rolex watches.

Some Used Rolex Watches Can Be More Expensive Than New Ones Due to High Demand or Rarity.

Since Rolex watches are made of quality materials, they last a long time and keep their beautiful look for many years to come.Some like Rolex because it is a luxury brand and a status symbols. Other may like the watch for its function and accuracy.

Rolex Tends to Keep the Same Deign for Decades with Minor Changes.

There are as many reasons as there are people as to why people like Rolex watches. All this combined, with Rolex’s tendency to keep the same design (sometimes for decades, with minor modifications), adds to the value of a Rolex. A Rolex President from 30 years ago may not look much different from a newer model as a result, all contributing to the high resale value of used Rolex watches in San Diego and Los Angeles.

How Do I Find Out The Value of My Used Rolex?

Many people would like to sell their used Rolex watch or upgrade to a newer model. Some also would like to know the value of Rolex watches to add more Rolexes to their collection.

The key question everyone asks when it comes to selling their Rolex or buying a used Rolex watch is How Much is My Rolex Watch Worth or What Should I Pay for a Used Rolex? 

The answer is a dynamic answer, not a static one, meaning, the prices change dynamically according to market demand, not stay the same.

The best way to find out what your Rolex is worth or what you should be paying for a Rolex watch is to check a few different resources.


Many dealers offer retail prices for their used Rolex watches. The key thing to know here is dealer prices may be more expensive than second hand Rolex purchased from individuals or online. However, dealers can also provide services such as warranties and service which are important for keeping your used Rolex in great shape.


Online resources can be a great source of finding the value of a used Rolex. One of the best ones is eBay where you can do a search for the Rolex model your are looking for and then clicking SOLD LISTINGS on the left hand side (towards the bottom). This will give you prices of SOLD listings (as opposed to asking price of unsold ones), that are very recent, providing you with the latest prices. is another website for Rolex prices, however, it tends to be a static site with prices above what they actually sell for on eBay and other websites. It is too expensive to buy at those prices in my opinion, it seems some dealers list their watches on that site, but there is no way to know what they actually sold for. is another great source for finding the price of your used Rolex watch as Bobs publishes the price they will pay for a used Rolex and the price they would sell the same watch for. You may see a $1000 or $2000 difference between what they will pay for a used Rolex and what they would turn around and sell it for. Keep in mind however, that if you sell to them, they may ask you if the watch is keeping time (according to their Rolex certified time machine) and if not maybe a $900 deduction, and if the watch has any scratches or missing the box and papers, etc. deduction after deduction follows. So the prices published are not always what you will get for your used Rolex. Of course if you have aftermarket parts such as an aftermarket band, the deductions will be much higher and not having the box and papers will also cause more deduction, etc.


Your local San Diego watch buyers are a good source for gauging the price of your used Rolex that you are selling. There are many San Diego Watch Buyers, and virtually all buy Rolex watches. Some pay more for a Rolex watch than others. It is always a good idea to shop around to get the best price for your used Rolex watch. Be careful not to overshop though as if the watch is shopped in too many places many dealers will not want to purchase it and many in the community know each other and will therefore know you are shopping around. Having said that, some shopping around ensures the highest dealers prices and prevents getting underpaid for your used Rolex watch in San Diego.

The good thing about local San Diego Watch Buyers is that most are very professional, know how to evaluate your used Rolex properly, many have the right tools to open the watch without damaging it and some even pay cash for your used Rolex (if that is what you are looking for).

When it comes to selling your used Rolex watch, make sure you check out Cortez Watch Buyers San Diego and get a quote from us for your used Rolex in San Diego. Click here to contact us and sell your used Rolex today.

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