Best Place for Selling My Rolex Watch in San Diego

Many people ask where is the best place for selling my Rolex watch in San Diego?


Looking for “best place for selling my Rolex watch in San Diego”. With Cortez watch buyers, selling used Rolex watch in San Diego is easy. Just come into on of our 6 local San Diego Rolex watch buyers locations and get a cash for Rolex quote today.


We suggest you check out one of our six Rolex watch buyers San Diego locations to see for yourself why our customers may think we are the best place to sell Rolex watch in San Diego.

San Diego Rolex Watch Buyers Locations:

Rolex Watch Buyers Chula Vista, CA (255 3rd Ave., Chula Vista CA)

Rolex Watch Buyers Downtown San Diego (on 6th Ave.)

Rolex Watch Buyers La Mesa CA (on Jackson Dr. across from Toys R Us, Ross’s & Walmart Grocery)

Rolex Watch Buyers El Cajon CA (on Mollison)

Rolex Watch Buyers Clairemont CA (on Balboa Ave.)

Rolex Watch Buyers La Jolla CA (on Girard Ave.)

San Diego Rolex Watch Appraisers Evaluate Your Rolex Watch

Our professional Rolex watch buyers are trained to evaluate Rolex watches. They check for original parts such as original band, other replacement Rolex bands, aftermarket bands, original diamond bezel manufactured by Rolex or aftermarket diamond bezel and dial. They also check your Rolex watch’s serial number, reference number and determine the year and model of your watch so they can price it accurately. They also check your Rolex watch’s movement as well as any papers you may have showing your Rolex watch’s pedigree. They perform a host of other evaluations in a matter of minutes so they can properly determine your watch’s specifics and price it accurately.

Checking your Rolex watch and pricing is done for free

We provide a buyer’s verbal appraisal, also referred to as a cash for Rolex watch quote.

If you are looking for the best place to sell used Rolex watch in San Diego you can also get an online quote for selling Rolex watch in San Diego by clicking here.

San Diego Rolex Dealers

Please keep in mind we are buyers of Rolex watches in San Diego. Whenever you sell something you usually don’t get the full insurance replacement appraisal value. There are two types of appraisals. There is your Rolex’s insurance type appraisal that takes into account the full retail value of your Rolex watch. Then there is the buyer’s appraisal. The Rolex appraisal we provide is a buyer’s appraisal, meaning it is for us to buyer your Rolex watch as a dealer. A dealers does not pay full retail value for a Rolex watch because a dealer can get Rolex watches in San Diego for less directly from Rolex manufacturing if he is an authorized Rolex dealers in San Diego or he can buy Rolex watches from other Rolex dealers wholesale. In each case there is a discount available to a professional San Diego Rolex dealer that is not available to the general public.

Where is the best place to sell Rolex watch in San Diego?

So when looking for the best place to sell my Rolex watch in San Diego, keep in mind that dealers can get the same watch for less from other dealers or from Rolex directly and are not going to pay you the full retail price (or they will make no profit and therefore have no incentive to do a transaction).

Having said that, sometimes Rolex watch values increase significantly depending on the model, its rarity and how many of that particular watch was made.

For example, vintage Tudor watches (Tudor is a brand that was made by Rolex and made available to the public at a lower price point, then it was discontinued and then manufactured again years later) can actually increase in value as they were not produced anymore and older models are more rare. So in actuality they can increase in value with time because they become more and more rare.

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There are many places that purchase Rolex watches in San Diego. Rolex is a very popular brand. If you are looking to sell Rolex watch in San Diego, make sure you check out Gold & Diamond Buyers of San Diego. With six local Rolex buyers locations, we probably have a location near you. Come in and see for yourself why our customers think we are the best place to sell a Rolex watch in San Diego.

San Diego Rolex buyers has established relationships with wholesale and retail Rolex buyers in order to offer high prices for your Rolex watch. We not only buy in San Diego, but also in Orange County, Los Angeles, all of California and nationwide. If are looking for places that buy Rolex watches near me, check out one of our local Rolex buyers locations and get a cash for Rolex quote right away. We can also provide you with price quotes online through our web portal or you can email or text us information about the Rolex watch you are selling in San Diego and we will respond with a price quote promptly. When selling Rolex watch in San Diego, please make sure let us know if you have the box, papers and extra links for the watch as well or just the watch and if it is working or not. If your Rolex is gold, platinum, rose gold, white gold or has a diamond bezel, please be sure to let us know that as well and whether the diamond bezel is factory made or after-market. If you have any aftermarket work done to your Rolex, such as replacing the dial or any parts, please indicate same. This was we can provide you with the most accurate price quote. Of course if there are any scratches on the dial, band or crystal or any imperfections please point these out as well. Our San Diego Rolex buyers are standing by in all six of our local San Diego Rolex buyers locations to provide you with a quote today.

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Rolex Serial Numbers

Regarding Rolex serial number, there are charts that are available online that can help determine the year your watch was manufactured. These also exist in Watch Reference Guide books. More recently, Rolex has changed their serial numbers to sort of a scramble so more recent watches such as 2010 and above can be more difficult to ascertain. Since Rolex makes the same watch with very little or no modification for many years, a watch can be made in the 1970’s or 1980’s or 1990’s or the 2000’s or after 2010 and look almost exactly the same. This helps keep Rolex prices high in the resale market. For example, a gold Rolex President watch from the 1970’s can look exactly the same as one made 25 years later. A watch that is 25 years old is more valuable than one that is 45 years old (except in cases where vintage watches appreciate more). Therefore, it is the serial number that your local Rolex buyers use to determine what year your watch was manufactured in order to price it accordingly.

Where do I find my Rolex Serial Number?

Your serial number can be found on the 6 O’Clock position when you take the Rolex band off.