Tips on Selling Your Used Rolex Watch in San Diego

ROLEX watches are quality timepieces manufactured through rigorous and exact manufacturing processes. In addition to impressive manufacturing standards, Rolex is also jewelry and art. Many Rolex watches incorporate 18 karat gold and diamonds.

When it comes to selling a used Rolex watch, San Diego Rolex Buyers pay cash for your used Rolex watch. To get the best price for your used Rolex in San Diego it is a good idea to review the following factors provided by Cortez San Diego watch buyers:

1.Rolex Serial Number – When it comes to selling your used Rolex watch in San Diego, the serial number of the watch usually determines what year the watch is. You need to be careful with this point as we have seen serial numbers that match the year 2009 sold as a brand new 2014 model. We contacted the dealer and Rolex and apparently they were able to sell a watch that was manufactured years ago as a brand new watch. We are looking further into this but make sure when you buy a Rolex that the serial number is for that year, no matter what the authorized dealer tells you.


2.Resale Price Set by Market Demand – Rolex determines the prices at which the watches can be sold by their dealers. An authorized Rolex dealer is not allowed to sell the watch below the prices set by the manufacturers. However, when it comes to selling a used Rolex watch in San Diego, there are no price controls. The price is set by the demand in the market for your used watch. Some Rolex models have higher demands as reflected in their resale price.

3.Used Rolex Watches Can Sell For More Than New Ones – Some rare Rolex watches appreciate in value over time due to their rarity. When you have an antique or vintage Rolex watch, do not restore it. Most of the time the value of these older watches is in the way they have naturally aged over the years. Any restoration work to the dial, markers or hands can significantly reduce the value.

4.Tudor Watches Made By Rolex – Tudor watches are also made by Rolex. They were discontinued and then after decades produced again. Vintage Tudor watches can bring in high values depending on the condition and rarity.


5.Original Box & Papers – Your used Rolex watch will garner more money if you have the original box and papers. For every Rolex watch manufactured, there are probably 10 counterfeit replica models. Having the box, original papers and extra links helps better authenticate your used Rolex watch and makes it easier for San Diego Rolex buyers to resell the watch. However, not everyone has the original box and papers, so if you don’t, our professional San Diego Rolex experts will be able to authenticate your watch without the box and papers.

Having the box and papers for the used Rolex you are selling in San Diego increases the value of your watch.

Having the box and papers for the used Rolex you are selling in San Diego increases the value of your watch.

6.Rolex vs. Aftermarket Parts – When it comes to servicing your used Rolex watch and replacing parts, always used authentic Rolex parts. Using aftermarket parts in your Rolex watch can reduce its value significantly.

7.Don’t Stretch Your Rolex Band – Rolex dealers look for tight bands on a Rolex watch. If that band is stretched and loose it will reduce the watch value. Sometimes the band can be tightened, but there is a limit to how tight it gets. Therefore, if you gain a little weight and your band is getting tight, add an extra link to preserve the value of your used Rolex watch. If you don’t have your original Rolex extra links that came with your watch, make sure you use original Rolex manufactured extra links. The best San Diego Rolex buyers only resell your used Rolex watch with authentic extra links which are costly. Any aftermarket links would have to be removed and replaced with authentic ones. If your watch is made of 18k gold or platinum these links can be expensive so it is always best to save your original extra links in a safe place even if you don’t use them.

8.Diamond Bezels/Aftermarket Additions – We see Rolex watches with original diamond bezels as well as Rolexes with aftermarket diamond bezels. It is needless to say the quality, workmanship and precision jewelry making of Rolex is superior to any aftermarket jewelers. The diamond bezels made by Rolex use excellent quality diamonds, fully matched in color and clarity and precisely laid next to each other, a feat that a regular jewelry cannot match. The placement of the diamonds are immaculate. If you are thinking about getting any aftermarket additions such as a diamond bezel, you need to know that when you want to sell Rolex in San Diego, the aftermarket diamond bezel can actually reduce your watch’s value, not increase it. The same thing going for adding mother or pearl dials or aftermarket dials. Anything not original to Rolex is difficult to resell, can affect the quality of your watch and hence can lower the value, so if you have not done so already, don’t do it.

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9.Should I Repair or Sell My Non-Working Rolex Watch? – If your Rolex is not working, most San Diego watch buyers still buy it. It is less expensive for a Rolex dealer or buyer to fix your watch due to wholesale relationships with authorized Rolex dealers and ability to get parts at a discount. Don’t spend good money that you will not get back because Rolex buyers in San Diego will not pay you back the retail price you paid for parts and labor when they can get the same repairs done wholesale.

10.How can I estimate the value of my Rolex watch? Be sure that you know what model Rolex you are selling so you can compare apples to appels and oranges to oranges. Find out if your watch is made of 18 karat gold, platinum or stainless steel (or gold and stainless steel combination) and if it has diamonds on the bezel and inside the dial. The material your watch is made of is valuable and gold and platinum increase the value significantly. Also, there are white gold Rolex watches, make sure you don’t mistake those for stainless steel Rolexes.

To compare your watch correctly, make sure you know your Rolex reference number and your Caliber number. Your watch also has a serial number. If you have the box and papers, usually there is a green card that has this information recorded for you. If you don’t have the card then usually Rolex watches have at least 3 numbers.

  1. how-to-sell-rolex-watch-san-diego

    Rolex Serial and Reference Numbers are engraved on the case between the lugs.

    1. Rolex Reference Number – This is engraved on the case between the lugs when you take off the band at the 12 O’Clock Position
    2. Rolex Serial Number – This is engraved on the case between the lugs at the 6 O’Clock position.
    3. Rolex Movement Caliber Number – This is usually on the movement itself when you open the back of the watch.


      Rolex Caliber Numbers appear on the movement. Here Caliber Number 3135 can be seen on the movement.

When comparing Rolex models, use your reference number (which is your model number) and your caliber number (which is your movement number) to compare your watch’s price to other similar models. Watches with the same reference number and same caliber number should be identical to yours. However, make sure you include if your watch is solid gold (18k white or yellow gold) or platinum or if it is a two tone gold and stainless steel watch as the prices vary depending on how much precious metal is used in your watch. Similarly, if you have diamonds on your bezel or your dial or other gemstones compare to the same model Rolexes with these additional options. Finally, the year a Rolex watch is manufactured makes a difference. Although many Rolex watches may look alike some were manufactured decades ago while others are much more recent. Compare the model year of your watch with similar models to get the most accurate pricing comparisons.

When it comes to selling your used Rolex in San Diego, there are many options. You can sell to San Diego Rolex buyers, find a retail buyer yourself and do a face to face transaction or sell your Rolex online. If you sell online, make sure the buyer is trustworthy and has a good reputation. We have seen Rolexes sold online with fake ones shipped back and the credit cards charged back. This is not always the case but whichever online service you use, make sure you follow their policies about how to sell online so that you receive full protection for your sale.

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Rolex watches are in high demand. This is because of the quality, durability, precision and name brand recognition. They are also popular because they hold their resale values and many Rolex watches appreciate in value in time due to limited edition models as well as being vintage and aging naturally. Some Rolex watch models are very rare, such as the Rolex Explorer I (aged naturally without any restorations) or the Tudor Monte Carlo by Rolex.

Rolex values also depend on what type of movement is used in the watch. Generally automatic movements are more desirable than wind mechanism movements due to the convenience of not having to wind the watch. However, in some circumstances, wind movements can also be very valuable, such as with the Tudor Monte Carlo watches.

If you want to sell a vintage Rolex watch, it is a good idea to find out more about your watch so you have an idea of what its value is in today’s market. Some new Rolex watches can depreciate quickly due to market demand, and some vintage watches can significantly increase depending on supply and demand.

Your local Rolex dealers are a good source to find out more about your watch. When making repairs to your Rolex watch, it is always a good idea to have your Rolex worked on by an authorized Rolex repair shop and only use original Rolex parts.

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