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If you are wondering where to sell Rolex San Diego look no further where we have 6 convenient locations to serve you.



Selling Rolex in San Diego? Get a cash for Rolex quote in minutes !

With 6 San Diego watch buyer locations (Downtown San Diego, Chula Vista, La Mesa, El Cajon, Clairemont and La Jolla), Cortez Rolex Buyers San Diego will provide you with a cash quote when selling your Rolex. Call us or just come into any of our 6 San Diego Rolex buyers locations and get paid in cash today.
Selling Rolex in San Diego? Find out why customers think we are the best place to sell Rolexes in San Diego.

Cash for Rolexes in San Diego

If you are considering selling Rolex in San Diego or selling other luxury Rolexes, you should check out Cortez Rolex Buyers in San Diego. With 6 convenient locations to serve you, chances are you can sell your Rolex to one of our San Diego Rolex buyer locations without having to travel far.
You can:

Sell Rolex in Downtown San Diego (6th Ave.)

Sell Rolex in Chula Vista CA (Downtown Chula Vista on 3rd Ave., between E & F Street)

Sell Rolex in La Mesa CA (on Jackson Drive)

Sell Rolex in El Cajon CA (on Mollison)

Sell Rolex in Clairemont CA (on Balboa Ave.)

Sell Rolex in La Jolla CA (on Girard Ave.)

Cortez Rolex Buyers San Diego pays cash for Rolexes.


Come into our stores conveniently located near you and sell your Rolex to us. We provide fast service
because we are conscious that your time is very valuable. If you are unsure about the offer we make, then
feel free to compare it to other places.
You might want to sell your Rolex for many reasons. Maybe you’re tired of using the same one for years,
might as well get cash on the spot! Get the price you want for your Rolex and one of our professionals will
make a quick evaluation. Once you come in you will find out that we offer the Best Service in San Diego.
This way you eliminate many possible problems with selling your Rolex online.
Fast and secure service and friendly staff.
You can bring any brand name Rolex. These include but are not limited to:

Sell Rolex in San Diego

Sell Cartier in San Diego

Sell International Rolex Co. (IWC) in San Diego

Sell Omega in San Diego

Sell Patek Philippe in San Diego

Sell Vacheron Constantine Rolex in San Diego

Sell Audemars Rolex in San Diego

Sell Breitling Rolex in San Diego

Sell Tag Heuer Rolex in San Diego

Sell Hublot Rolex in San Diego

We accept these brands as well as many others. We are also interested in Rolexes that are antique,
contemporary, vintage, modern and Gold Rolexes in San Diego. Come in and Check us out. We pay
more cash for other places in San Diego and we are conveniently located in Downtown Chula Vista.

We are Rolex buyers in San Diego

If you have any Rolexes that you want to sell but you are unsure if it’s a brand name or the value, then
come in and check us out. Our expertise and equipment will precisely evaluate you Rolex. Come in and
leave with cash in your pockets.
Get cash for Rolex in San Diego

Selling Used Rolex in San Diego

If you are selling used Rolex or selling preowned Rolex in San Diego, bring any additional accessories you may have, if any.
If you have the box and papers that helps get you more cash for Rolex in San Diego. Our San Diego Rolex buyers will pay more if you have the box and papers for the Rolex you are selling.
If you have the extra links that also helps get you more money as extra links for larger wrists are necessary to sell the Rolex retail to a larger selection of customers. Extra links can be expensive and therefore if you have them already that will add value to your Rolex because a retail Rolex buyer in San Diego would have to spend money to purchase new links which often can be 18 karat gold and therefore the Rolex buyer would want to pay less for your Rolex since they would have to spend money to buy the links.
So, when selling Rolex in San Diego, gather up all the papers that you have, the box and the extra links to get more cash for Rolex in San Diego.
If you don’t have the box, papers or extra links, don’t worry. You will still get cash for Rolex San Diego values, but with these additional items you will get more, of course.
If you are looking to buy a Rolex you can come in we are opened Monday-Sunday and our business hours are 10 am to 6 pm. We can make appointment for before or after-hours to accommodate your schedule.
One of our experts will help you and everything is fast and easy.
We know times are tough and this is an easy way to make some quick cash.
If you are selling Rolex in San Diego, you will find there are many Rolex buyers in San Diego. We pay cash for Rolex in San Diego (or we can pay you by check for your Rolex, whichever you prefer).
In terms of selling used Rolex in San Diego, it is important for all parts in your Rolex to be original parts. Many Rolex repair shops that are not authorized Rolex dealers use aftermarket Rolex parts in when fixing or servicing Rolex watches. You want to watch out for that and make sure if anyone is servicing your Rolex, they use authentic, original manufacturer parts.
Because of the luxury brand that Rolex is, used Rolex buyers prefer to have an all original Rolex rather than paying a lot of money for a watch that is Rolex but has none Rolex parts in it. This will reduce the value of your watch if you are not careful with your Rolex service shops. If you don’t ask about original parts, they may or may not use original parts.
Therefore, it is important to take your Rolex to an authorized service repair center which uses only original parts so that you protect and maximize the value of your investment in your used Rolex watch. This way when you are selling Rolex watch in San Diego, you get the maximum value for it.

Rolex Service Records

When you go to San Diego Rolex buyers, if you have your Rolex service records, it helps to get you more cash for Rolex. Why? Because the service records document every service and repair that was done to your Rolex and the type of parts that were replaced in the watch you are selling. In other words, the San Diego Rolex buyer will know that the Rolex has been kept in its original condition and when your local Rolex buyer in San Diego goes to sell used Rolex watch, he/she can show the prospective buyer the pedigree of your used Rolex and let them know with confidence that it was maintained to standard. A used Rolex buyer is looking to re-sell your used Rolex watch to another dealer or sell it to a retail Rolex buyer for a profit or to a Rolex collector. Your San Diego used Rolex buyer may even want to keep your preowned Rolex if he/she is a Rolex collector. There are many people selling Rolex in San Diego. Rolex buyers paying a lot of money would prefer to get a used Rolex that is in its original condition with original parts and service records rather than buying one that has no pedigree. Therefore, when you are selling Rolex in San Diego, you will get more cash for Rolex from your San Diego Rolex buyers if you have all documents and papers showing your Rolex was maintained well. Of course, if you don’t have any of the paperwork, which is the case with many people selling Rolex in San Diego, you will still get paid well for your Rolex, but you will get more cash for your watch if you have everything else that comes with it.

If you are selling a Vintage Rolex Watch in San Diego, Cortez San Diego Rolex buyers suggest you absolutely read below:

Vintage Rolex watches can appreciate with time. When you buy a brand new Rolex watch from an authorized Rolex dealer, you pay top retail for that watch and it generally can depreciate except in rare cases with limited edition watches. The general trend is, with time, your Rolex depreciates compared to what you paid for it when it was brand new. However, if you have an old Rolex watch or a vintage Rolex watch, the trend can be the other way around. As a matter of fact, your vintage Rolex watch can appreciate significantly due to its rarity. When selling Rolex watches in San Diego or even if you are selling Tudor watch in San Diego (Tudor is a brand that was made by Rolex at a lower price point, then it was discontinued for a while and now it is being made again), your Vintage Rolex or Vintage Tudor watch can have significant value that you don’t know about.
Most people think that a watch that is old and scratched up with the dial fading and the markers fading is not a nice watch. Many people even restore watches to their brand new condition. This is a huge mistake when it comes to selling Rolex or selling Tudor watch in San Diego. Why? Because over time a watch ages naturally. With time the dial can fade, the markers can fade and the colors of the dial and markers can change. This shows a vintage watch that has aged naturally. Many times, depending on your Rolex model, this can significantly increase your vintage Rolex’s value. Collectors look for watches in their natural condition. They don’t want a 1960’s Rolex that looks like a brand new watch. They want a vintage watch that looks vintage and is all original. Doing any kind of restoration to the watch can actually decrease its value significantly or almost completely, depending on which Rolex model you have. Plus, restorations can be expensive, so you can not only be devaluing your Rolex watch by attempting to restore it, but pay a lot of money that you will never get back either.
So before you attempt any kind of fixing or restoration on old or vintage Rolex or Tudor watches, check with our professional Rolex buyers and professional Tudor watch buyers in San Diego. Besides vintage Rolex watches, Tudor watches can also significantly increase in value, specially the models that were made before the line was discontinued (and not is is continued again). Those older models are more rare because for many years Rolex did not make Tudor watches any more, so chances are if you have an older Tudor watch it is more rare and therefore more valuable.

Call (619)900-7266 and sell your Rolex in San Diego today. 

Or, clink here to request a custom online analysis of your watch.

Some interesting facts about Rolex include precision and rigorous manufacturing standards, use of high quality materials including jewelry such as diamonds and gold and quality workmanship from a pioneer watch manufacturer, respected throughout the world.

Not all San Diego Rolex buyers are familiar with what goes into manufacturing the Rolex watch that you are selling.

Rolex collectors have a deep appreciation for what it takes to manufacture a Rolex watch, an appreciation for a precision time keeping machine and the beauty and elegance that their fine timepiece exudes. There are many luxury watch brands and each has its own unique characteristics, however, Rolex buyers in San Diego will tell you that the most cash for watch in San Diego you will receive will probably be for a Rolex brand, although some other brands have excellent San Diego cash for watches values as well.
People fall in love with their used Rolex watches because your used Rolex watch is a statement of quality. Preowned Rolex watches last as long time. With proper maintenance, you can get good value when selling used Rolex in San Diego. The condition is very important.
It is also important to know when it comes to designing and manufacturing parts, there are original parts and then there are aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are less expensive than original parts. However, when it comes to designing parts, Rolex designs parts that are of the highest quality with precision manufacturing processes. Aftermarket parts are not necessarily interested or even capable or producing anything like the original Rolex parts. Therefore, the aftermarket parts are cheaper, but they can actually devaluate your Rolex investment significantly. Anyone selling Rolex in San Diego should know that retail Rolex buyers in San Diego are paying a lot of money to buy your used Rolex watch and expect the same quality, parts and manufacturing process to be used in your used Rolex you are selling so that the quality, precision and future value remain intact. and in some instances actually appreciate as well.

Sell Rolex San Diego

We have 6 convenient locations for you to sell used Rolex in San Diego.

Cash for Rolex in San Diego

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