Where to Sell Rolex Watch in San Diego – Cortez Rolex Buyers

Where to Sell Rolex Watch in San Diego – Cortez Rolex Buyers


Best place to sell a Rolex Watch in San Diego – with 6 locations our San Diego local Rolex buyers are here to serve you.


Looking for the best place to sell Rolex watch in San Diego? With 6 professional San Diego watch buyer locations, our professional Rolex buyers are standing by to serve you.

Rolex watches are fine timepieces. Having an Rolex watch is owning a fine quality timepiece.

That is why when you are looking for the best place to sell Rolex watch in San Diego, you want to go to your local San Diego Rolex experts.

Our professional San Diego Rolex Watch Buyers can ascertain the value of your Rolex watch quickly and provide you with a cash buyer’s quote verbal Rolex watch appraisal in minutes.

We pay Cash for Rolex watches.

Whether you have a brand new Rolex watch or a vintage model, Cortez Rolex buyers San Diego is interested in buying your Rolex watch today.

Our experts are familiar with all types of Rolex watches so you can sell yours fast and receive cash immediately.

You can:

Sell New Rolex Watches in San Diego

Sell Used Rolex Watches in San Diego

Sell Vintage Rolex Watches in San Diego, and

Sell Rolex Pocket Watches in San Diego

We have professional Rolex Watch Buyers in San Diego that can easily detect authentic Rolex watches in San Diego.

Selling Rolex Watch in San Diego? We pay cash for Rolex watches in San Diego.

With six San Diego Rolex watch buyers locations, we can pay you cash for your Rolex watch today.

Selling Broken Rolex Watch in San Diego?

We like Rolex watches so much that we even buy non-working Rolex watches and broken Rolex watches. We like restoring Rolex watches and although restoration of quality Rolex watches done properly can be expensive, we have experience in making a good investment that can appreciate in value over time. As San Diego watch dealers, we get discounted prices on authentic Rolex original manufacturer’s parts as well as wholesale pricing on labor, so it would be less expensive for us to restore an Rolex watch, making it worthwhile to buy non-working Rolex watches.

Even if your watch is missing the band or extra links or has scratches on the glass and all over the watch, give us a shot. Chances are we will buy it from you.


If you are looking for Rolex watch buyers near me in San Diego, we have 6 Rolex buyer locations in San Diego. Call us today to make an appointment or just drop in during business hours and get paid cash for Rolex watches in San Diego today.

Click here to contact us or call (619)900-7266 today for a cash offer on your pre-owned Rolex watch.

The largest single luxury watch brand, Rolex, is a Swiss watch brand based in Geneva, Switzerland considered as the most commercially powerful watch company in the world. Rolex has several accolades under its belt including inventing waterproof wristwatches, automatically changing the date on the dial, having two time zones at once, automatically changing the day and date and certified chronometers. Rolex timepieces are renowned for their excellent investment value and well preserved vintage models which are more reliable than many other timepieces.

Rolex watches are manufactured to rigorous specifications. The best materials are used in manufacturing your Rolex watch when it is new. That is the reason why used Rolex watches last a very long time and keep their value. Rolex manufactures that same type of watch for many years even decades, so a Rolex President from the 1970’s looks similar to a Rolex President from 3 decades later. This was watches keep their value. Newer Rolex watches do not have holes on the side where the band fits into the watch case. Older Rolex watches had 4 holes to fit the band springs into the case. So one way of knowing if you have a newer Rolex watch or an older version is to see if your watch has holes on the sides of the case where the Rolex watch band fits or not. Also, minor changes were made to the design of the case. For example, the newer submariner Rolex watches are more square while the old ones are more round.

When it comes to selling used Rolex watch in San Diego, you need to look up your used Rolex model number (reference number) and the movement number (referred to as Calibre or Cal.). This way you know what model Rolex you have and what movement is inside the watch. This helps to look up similar used Rolex models so you can get an idea of what your used Rolex watch sells for. There are many used Rolex buyers in San Diego, offering varying prices for the used Rolex watch you are selling. Depending on where you go to, you may get a higher or lower offer. Some San Diego Rolex buyers say cash for Rolex watches while others pay by check. Similarly, some used Rolex sellers in San Diego prefer to receive a check when selling their used Rolex in San Diego while others prefer cash. There are also options to trade up for a newer model Rolex watch.

When you are ready to sell your Rolex, Cortez Watch Buyers San Diego has 6 Rolex buyers locations to serve you.

You can:

Sell Used Rolex in Downtown San Diego (Rolex Buyers on 6th Ave.)

Sell Used Rolex in La Mesa (on Jackson Drive)

Sell Used Rolex in El Cajon (on Mollison)

Sell Used Rolex in Clairemont (on Balboa Ave.)

Sell Used Rolex in La Jolla (on Girard Ave.), and

Sell Used Rolex in Chula Vista (in Downtown Chula Vista, between E & F Streets)

Rolex watches have many years of history behind the company. Many innovations in watchmaking were made by Rolex. For example, the Rolex Oyster was the first waterproof watch created by Rolex. There have been many design patents and innovations that have been recorded by the Rolex Watch Company. Many people know about the Rolex watch brand but are not aware of what it takes to manufacture there luxury yet precision time pieces.

This fine brand has had many timepieces featured in movies, such as James Bond 007 movies. Many iconic celebrities such as Steve McQueen and Paul Newman have worn Rolex watches. While there are many other luxury timepieces on the market and many are manufactured to rigorous standards, Rolex enjoys a special place in the luxury watch market as the premier commercially successful luxury watch maker brand. As such used Rolex watches are very desirable and a robust secondary market exists when it comes to selling your used Rolex watch in San Diego. That is why your San Diego used Rolex buyers pay top payouts for used Rolex watches in San Diego. If you are looking for the best place to sell a used Rolex watch in San Diego, check out one of our 6 Rolex buyers locations in San Diego. When looking for Rolex buyers near me, keep in mind with 6 local San Diego Rolex buyers locations, chances are we have one location near you.

You can also:

Sell Patek Philippe Watch

Sell Vacheron Constantine Watch

Sell Audemars Piguet Watch

Sell Girard Perregeaux Watch

Sell Chopard Watch

Sell Breguet Watch

Sell Blancpain Watch

Sell Hublot Watch

Sell Ulysse Nardin Watch

Sell A. Lange & Sohne Watch

Sell Omega Watch

Sell Monteblanc Watch

and many other luxury watch brands. However, while these other watch makers manufacture great quality watches and have excelled in various watchmaking areas, many holding their own patents, no Swiss watchmaker enjoys the commercial success of the secondary market desirability of Rolex watches.

A robust secondary market for used Rolexes exists in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles areas, along with the rest of the country. Many watch collectors would like to add certain Rolex watches to their Rolex watch collection. Vintage models may garner huge sums of money if they are rare. Rolex watches that have aged naturally without any restoration can be valued at very high prices due to the rarity of their model and natural aging over decades. Vintage Rolex Tudor watches can also bring in high values depending on their model, condition and year of manufacture. Tudor is a brand created by Rolex. Tudor watch cases are manufactured by Rolex with the movement was priced lower and not manufactured by Rolex so they could be more affordable. Rolex then discontinued the Tudor line for many years and then started producing it again. Therefore, the vintage Tudor watches are more rare and when you want to Sell used Tudor watch in San Diego, your San Diego Tudor buyers may offer you a lot more than you think for your used Tudor watch.

Rare Tudor watches by Rolex can be very valuable. For example the Tudor Monte Carlo is a watch from the 1970’s that is very rare. Only a few exist that are in perfect condition. San Diego Watch Buyers pays cash for Tudor Watches in San Diego. Tudor is manufactured by Rolex but the movement was manufactured by other companies.

Best Place to Sell Used Rolex in San Diego

If you are looking to sell Rolex watch in San Diego, make sure you check out one of our San Diego Rolex buyers locations. Our professionals are standing by to evaluate your Rolex watch and provide you with a cash for Rolex watch offer on the spot.

If you are looking to purchase a used Rolex watch please contact us for pricing. We have most popular Rolex models in stock.

Call us today at (619)900-7266 or click here to Sell Used Rolex in San Diego today.

Come in today and get paid in minutes.

Our professional San Diego Rolex buyers are standing by in all of our six local San Diego watch buyers locations to provide you with a cash for Rolex watch quote today. When you are looking for the best Rolex buyers in San Diego, many places buy Rolex watches. Come in and see why our customers say we are the best place to sell a Rolex watch in San Diego.



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