How to sell watches in San Diego

How to sell watches in San Diego?

If you want to sell your watch in San Diego here are some good pointers to get the most money from watch

buyers in San Diego.

1) Know what kind of watch you have.

Check out the brand name of your watch, the model number (and see if there a serial number). Once you
have this information, look up SOLD listings of your watch online (not asking price).
Once you have looked up the “sold” listings, you will see how much on the average a watch of your type
brings in.

2) Have your watch checked out for authenticity

Generally there are more replicas of Rolex watches 10 to 1 as real Rolex. It is a good idea to have your
watch checked out by at least 3 watch repair stores. They generally open it up for free and let you know
what they think. If you see plastic movement inside the watch, it is not a Rolex. This goes for all high
quality expensive watches, they are heavily reproduced as replicas. Make sure you have the real thing
when you go to sell it. (Although replicas have some value too if sold and disclosed as replicas, but
nowhere near as much value as the real brand).

3) Gather together any paperwork that is related to the watch.

This is including a receipt if you have one of where you purchased it from, how much you paid for it and
any box and papers that came with the watch and any warranty information. The more documents related to
the watch you have the more value you should be able to receive for the watch as a bona fide authentic
watch owner.

4) Come over to our store located at 255 3rd Ave., Chula Vista,

CA 91910.

We will examone your watch and give you a cash price on the spot. (We can also authenticate your watch
for you and let you know if it is real or a replica).

Stop in or call us at (619)900-7266 today and get paid high cash payouts on your brand name watches.

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