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We are San Diego Watch Buyers

If you are selling watch in San Diego, watch buyer San Diego pays cash for watches in San Diego.
No checks, no waiting, no hassle.
Just bring in your watch and your ID.

We Pay Cash for Watches in San Diego

Watch Buyer San Diego buys all types of luxury watches including Rolex, Patek Philip, Cartier, and all high
end luxury watches.
Call our professional watch buyers in San Diego at (619)7778238
for a telephone quote or just come into
any of our watch buyers San Diego locations for and fast service.

How to Sell My Watch in San Diego?

Our professional watch buyers are available at our jewelry stores in La Jolla, CA, Balboa Avenue, San

Diego, Downtown San Diego and Chula Vista, CA. We always treat you with respect and courtesy and

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We are also Pocket Watch Buyers San Diego

We are also pocket watch buyers in San Diego. We buy all types of pocket watches including antique
pocket watches, gold pocket watches, silver pocket watches, vintage pocket watches and modern and
contemporary pocket watches.
There are many San Diego watch buyers that you can go to if you are selling your watch. Many are great
dealers and take good care of their customers. Our San Diego watch buyers are friendly and take good care
of you. We thank you for choosing us when it comes to selling watch in San Diego.

San Diego Watch Buyers Are Not All The Same

Not all San Diego watch buyers are the same. Some pay more money for your watch depending on whether they have the right customers for it or not. While Rolex watches are in high demand almost all the time, other brands such as Breitling, Omega, Ulysse Nardin, Patek Philip, Vacheron Constantine, Breguette, Lange & Sohne, Panerai, Hublot and Cartier can have a much softer resale market. When you visit your local San Diego watch buyers, you may get vastly different quotes depending on what type of watch you are selling and whether your San Diego watch buyer has the right connections and buyers for reselling your quality timepiece.

Selling Watch in San Diego? It pays to know how to sell a watch in San Diego

When you want to sell watch in San Diego, you need to know that not all watch buyers have information about your rare or vintage watch. There are thousands of brands of watches out there and millions of models have been created over the years. While many people specialize in a few brands, not all San Diego watch buyer know your particular brand of rare or vintage watch. Selling watches in San Diego is best done by checking with experts that know your particular brand of watch. This is specially true in the case of vintage and antique watches and pocket watches.

Make Sure Your San Diego Watch Buyer Knows Your Watch Brand

The more your watch experts know about your particular type of watch, the more likely you are to get a higher payout as compared to San Diego watch buyers that do not specialize in your watch or don’t know much about it. Rare watches are specially important as many people have never seen one before and may mistake it for a fake watch or think it is in bad condition when in fact collectors look for watches that have naturally aged.

Do Not Repair or Restore Your Watch Before You Consult With Watch Experts

Many watch collectors look to restore rare watches professionally, so if you have an older watch and it is scratched up or in need of repairs, do not attempt to do so on your own. Generally, only factor authorized watch repair shops in San Diego should work on vintage and antique watches that are valuable and certainly any parts should be factor original parts. In many cases refinishing the dial and removing scratches can actually reduce the value of your watch significantly as certain aging happens to your watch over a period of many decades and collectors are looking for everything in its original condition. In such cases restoration cannot only be very expensive for you to accomplish, but can also destroy the value of the watch altogether.
So when it comes time to sell your watch in San Diego, make sure you consult with watch buyers that are expert in your particular watch brand before selling or restoring your watch.

Selling watch in San Diego is as easy as calling (619)900-7266

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Call (619)900-7266.
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